Digital advertisements with emotional character contribute to the enhancement and restoration of brand recognition

Digital advertisements with emotional character contribute to the enhancement and restoration of brand recognition

Pinterest and System1 recently conducted a study on the impact of digital advertising on brands, highlighting best practices for effective digital ads. They analyzed 50 Pinterest ads and found that emotionally resonant ads have a greater impact on audience behavior and attention, filling them with memorable experiences. Additionally, ads featuring clear brand names and evoking strong emotional reflexes achieved higher recall.

System1’s Test Your Ad platform evaluates ads on a scale of 1 to 5.9 stars based on the emotional response of the audience, predicting long-term performance. It also provides a Spike Rating, combining brand familiarity and emotional intensity for short-term sales potential. Ads with ratings above the average had a 6 times higher brand recognition increase and 20% more ad recall. Similarly, ads with higher Spike Ratings saw significantly increased brand recognition and a threefold increase in intent to take action.

Here are some tips for creating effective ads that attract audiences and support brand and sales:

  1. Early Brand Promotion: Showcase your brand early in the ad to enhance effectiveness.
  2. Target the Right Brain: Engage the right hemisphere of the brain for increased attention and long-term brand building.
  3. Use Cultural Moments: Reference common cultural moments to leverage memory structures, boosting emotional intensity and brand intention.
  4. Utilize Fluent Devices: Repeat characters and scenarios for quick brand recognition, especially important for low-attention channels.
  5. Continue the Story: Create visually captivating and storytelling ads that make people want to learn more.

Orlando Wood, Head of Innovation at System1, emphasizes that understanding Pinterest users’ unique needs and desire for new ideas helps brands activate consumers in a world with limited attention.

Antoine Le Notre, Head of Measurement EMEA at Pinterest, highlights the dedication of Pinterest users seeking inspiration for practical ideas. Brands can positively engage by offering not only products but also their emotional benefits, as emotions prove crucial for memorable advertising and increased intent to take action.

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